Register sa KAGIS Bisaya Meetup ug Atong Hisgotan Palanca 2016

Mga Bisaya nga magsusulat, andam na ba mo sa atong sunod nga meetup sa KAGIS Bisaya?

Taudtaod na sa akong kataposang panagkita ug panahon na usab nga magkatapok ta ug maghisgot naunsa atong mga kinabuhi. Aron mas lingaw, atong hisgotan ang mga nakadaog sa Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards karong tuiga sa Cebuano Short Story. Swerte ta kay duha ka Sugboanon nga nakadaog ang atong makauban karong Sabado!

Alang sa dugang impormasyon, ania ang press release nga atong ipadala sa mga mantalaan.

KAGIS Bisaya Meetup Press Release

An informal discussion on the winning pieces of this year’s Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature in Short Story Cebuano category awaits attendees in the upcoming session of KAGIS Bisaya Meetup this December 10, 2016, 2PM – 5PM at Handuraw Pizza Mango Square Branch.

Now on its third leg, KAGIS Bisaya Meetup is a literary gathering of young Cebuano writers in the Cebu community. First organized last April 2016, KAGIS Bisaya is a community of young Cebuano authors writing in Cebuano.

The Cebuano literary community, especially the neophyte writers and enthusiasts, will be learning insights from two of this year’s Palanca Award recipients CD Borden and Manuel Avenido Jr., and how it can be applied in the their future literary outputs.

Rome Nicolas, KAGIS Meetup organizer, reiterated the importance of literature in one’s day to day activities.

“Literature serves as a thread connecting our own reality to our fantasies,” Nicolas added.

Last KAGIS Bisaya Meetup’s resource speaker last June was Richel Dorotan, an award-winning Cebuano writer and Literary Editor of Bisaya Magasin. It was an informal writing workshop attended by more than 15 neophyte Cebuano writers.

Several literary writers like Erik Tuban, Kevin Lagunda, and Joseph Dazo will also be present to discuss their thoughts on the literary pieces with the attendees.

Interested Cebuano writers and enthusiasts are encouraged to read the winning works ahead of the event.

The event is FREE but attendees are encouraged to order anything from the host’s menu.

KAGIS Bisaya Meetup is presented by Basta Bisaya, Balakista, and Handuraw Pizza Mango Square.

Deadline of registration will be on December 9, 2016, Friday, 12PM. For details and updates, visit KAGIS Bisaya Meetup’s Facebook event page or email the event’s Secretariat at [email protected]

Register sa KAGIS Bisaya Meetup

Kon interesado ka nga motambong, register na dinhi, Bisaya! Kitakits karong Sabado sa Handuraw Pizza Mango Square Branch.

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  1. First of all, kudos for initiating this kind of event. It’s high time we give recognition and appreciate Bisaya literature and show the world what we/you guys can offer. Congrats on your meet up and more power.

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